Unwrap The Gift

When my daughter was born, one of the first gifts she received was a college savings account. Now, an adult could appreciate the impact of such a gift – an account receiving regular deposits and gaining interest will prevent you from shaking hands with Sallie Mae in 18 years. However, this reality would be lost on an infant. Only once she has grown up, matured, and observed the true value of money will she understand the significance of this gift.

A similar parallel can be made when speaking of the Holy Spirit. Once we receive the Holy Spirit, we inherit an amazing gift. Yet, we don’t always understand the brevity of this gift. Oftentimes, it takes various life circumstances for us to mature. Only by experiencing the hard times of life with the Holy Spirit there to accompany us are we able to unpack and truly appreciate this endowment. Allow me to poetically illustrate this reality.

The Comforter

“She’s gone”
Words that pierce a husband’s ears and bruised his heart
Pain so real it rips apart his core
Leaves him heaving for more breath
He knew it was coming
But nothing prepared him to lose the one who shared
His love, his life, his days, his nights
Anguish now fills his bed and causes dread
A future now bleak; unsure how to cope
But somehow, amid the chaos, he feels hope
A calm envelops his being
Bringing a precious reminder
He’s not alone in his sorrow
This precious gift from the Father never falters
He comforts when despair looms near
Helping allay the agony and ease the grief
Each day that dawns He brings greater relief
Unseen, yet His presence is tangible
Indelible is the mark He leaves on the heart
No longer bereaved

The Voice

Pomp and circumstance plays in her head as she rolls out of bed
Feet greet the dorm room floor
First day, expectations soar
Higher education, what’s in store?
Anticipation mounts as she nears the classroom door
“Religion 101” the chalkboard declares superiorly
Professor introduces himself with a pompous theory
“God doesn’t exist!
He is merely a figment, a crutch for the weak
Those who disagree should speak loud and clearly.”
Proudly and sourly, his face scans the room
Looking to scour it of dissenters
Stunned and perplexed she cowers
She’s recently given her heart to the Savior
He’s saved her from a grimy past
The last thing she wants is to deny this fact
But equally unwilling to argue her case in this class
Her pace quickens at the thought
But suddenly she halts
Her hand raises and she braces for what’s to come
As the questions roll in, attacking her faith
Her replies are strategically placed with a compelling grace
This gift can only be from the One
Who was sent by God’s Son
“In that moment you’ll know what to say”
In gratitude, she offers up a silent praise
Awed at this display from the Spirit that guides her thus
He has emboldened her heart; strengthened her trust

The Intercessor

Wedding bells have halted and the dust has settled
Morning rendezvous replaced with mumbled I love you’s
Feeling shackled by vows once freely announced
Dissension begins to color each encounter
Office hours offer a slight reprieve
Forbidden fruit hangs low on the tree
Resentment conceives, resistance retreats
Weakened by the onslaught of temptation
Frustration fosters and faith falters; all his fight has fled
Kneeling to pray with senses fuddled, words muddled,
Mouth mealy, heart steely
Eyes search for Heaven, words scatter
In heroic fashion, the Spirit steps in to elude disaster
He reassuringly intercedes
Utterances tailored to fit the need
Enticement recedes

Written by: Dionna Carter

unnamedDionna Carter is a graduate of Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism & currently is a freelance writer in Columbus, OH. She spends most of her time laughing with family, inhaling chocolate, devouring Jodi Picoult novels and perusing the aisles of Nordstrom. To follow her creative journey, visit dionnacarter.journoportfolio.com.
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