Is a Prayer Full of Curse Words Sinful?

Is a Prayer Full of Curse Words Sinful?

Swearing at God probably isn’t the best method to communicate with him.
When our impatience and frustration have built up though, sometimes it
happens.  When we are frustrated we may come to Him saying, “Are you off of
your rocker, God? I have been begging for this thing for a long time. This
is so I can do what’s good for your kingdom. Instead, you’re just throwing a
wrench in this whole thing. Why haven’t you given this to me? Why am I
suffering in this way?” This is a prayer that comes from us when we are in a
fleshy state. We ask God for something but we ask in a way a child throws a
tantrum, asking why they cannot get their way and blaming the adult.

Even after being a devoted follower of Christ, for years, this prayer can
come up. The most mature believers can and do fall into this state. This
prayer comes out of waiting. The waiting leads to impatience. The impatience
that we begin to experience begins when we are no longer living in the
spirit but living in the flesh. Perhaps the first time you prayed for what
it is you have earnestly prayed for, you prayed for with great anticipation
and joy. As time goes on, we can become jaded and we stop living in the
spirit. We begin to feel the battle between the flesh and spirit. The flesh
doesn’t stop waging war against the spirit because we’ve prayed all the
“Christian” prayers and have done all of the “Christian” things.

“We are in a constant fight between the two. Sometimes it is quiet and sometimes the war is a raging ocean inside of us. The war between the flesh and the spirit doesn’t cease.“

The comfort in all of this is knowing, this war is worth it. The battle
that you are in now is preparing you for something greater. If God is saying
not yet, then use this time to gain the skill and knowledge that you will
need in the future to take on what you are asking for. You will be better
prepared and be far more effective for God’s kingdom. If God has said no to
something, get excited for what is to come. If he’s saying no to what you
think you need or want, what you think you need or want now will pale in
comparison to what you will receive. The gift God is about to give you will
be so good and you will be thankful you didn’t get what you were begging
for. If we look back to what we asked for five years ago and he gave it to
you right then, what would you not have now? What was the result of waiting
or being told no? An opportunity you never dreamt of before? Maybe a
relationship? Whatever it is that God is saying no or not yet too, there is
a reason.

“We can use our past experiences for when God said, no or not yet, to realize what he has waiting for us is a greater gift.”

While we are waiting for what God has prepared for us, we can easily slip
into immature conversations with God like the one above. If we look closely
at the language of a prayer like this, we will notice that prayer becomes
about us. When that prayer is not about us, the prayer becomes about blaming
him. Blaming God in a sense really is about us. While we are waiting, things
so easily become about us. It becomes about glorifying ourselves instead of
God. When it becomes about us, we stop living in the spirit and begin to
live in the flesh.

God is not about withholding good things. God is about giving you the
greatest things. We live in a constant state of spiritual warfare. Sometimes
the war is clearly in front of us and sometimes it’s a quiet whisper in the
background. When the war is clearly in front of us we need to stop and come
to God with praise and thanksgiving. Because what he is about to give us is
far greater than what we could have created for ourselves.

written by: Samantha Warner, December 2016


samantha-warner-pictureSamantha is a Michigan native who was adopted by Ohio several years ago. Samantha writes content marketing and product descriptions. She holds a BA in Sociology from The Ohio State University.

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